Come meet the returning second year IR/PA students!

Have you been in the AV recently and wondered who some of the strange new people are? Chances are that it was one of the second-year IR/PA students who returned from various internships across the globe for their last semester in use.

This Tuesday, Jan 21, from 5-7pm (Maxwell 204) we would like to give you an opportunity to get to know them – and of course them the chance to get to know us! They would love to share their knowledge with us as well as give us the valuable information they wish they had known a year ago!

Most of them have spent the summer and/or the fall term in one of Maxwell’s Global Programs and in various internships. They would be happy to share their experiences with you and answer any questions you bring with you.

The department will sponsor pizza and beverages (big thanks at this point!). Please RSVP by Monday, Jan 20, 6pm if you are sure that you will attend:

This meetup can be a great resource for first-year IR students who are pursuing their internship options, but is of course open to all Maxwell graduate students!



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