Maxwell Gear Sale!

Maxwell Gear Sale is back this Fall! Get your orders in before Monday, November 11th!  PAIRA is offering new products, styles, logos and colors for its 2013 Fall Collection. Browse through the Maxwell Gear Guide and make your selections.

Ordering and Payment
Just a three step process:
1)    Make your selections for your items in the Gear Guide and generate the proper codes (using the Code Generator at the back of the guide), for each item that you want.
2)    Go to the online order form to place your order and shipping information with the final total. If shipping to a place of residence please remember to add $7.00 to your total.
3)    To complete your transaction visit PayPal and remember the email address to send your purchase to is By using the secure website PayPal the Maxwell Gear Committee can now accept credit, debit and bank transfers as payment this year.  If you would like to mail a check we ask you to still complete steps 1 and 2. All checks must be received by Nov. 8th.   Mail to:  PAIRA at 215 Eggers Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244.
Remember: Online orders and payments via PayPal must be received by Nov. 11th.
How will I receive my order?
If you are off campus, please include your shipping address and choose the correct shipping option. If you are on campus, you will have a chance to pick up your order in  
the AV in Eggers Hall. 
When will I receive my order? 
Right in time for the Holidays. Orders will be available for pick up during the week of 
Dec.2nd.  All shipments will go out on that week as well.